Don't Take a Black Bear Out With The Girls

First of all, I think we can all agree that Black Bears are cute. But, having one hang with you and the girls for Friday night drinks, maybe not the best idea. Just because it’s the smallest bear, doesn’t mean it should be your bestie. Now, if it boiled down to who take out for the night, the black bear would be far better a choice than their Grizzly counterpart.

What is more, the black bear is equipped with tools of coolness. For example, they range from black to “cinnamon” in color. Black is more common in the west, while brown in more common in the east. Who knew? Well, actually, probably all people that study bears, however, that is just not me. Additionally, they love blueberries. Every summer, my sister competes with the bears to see who can eat more blueberries, and I must admit, to date, it is unclear who is winning!

It should be noted that some scientists have even called black bears “quarrelsome”, so unless you are looking for a lot of drama, you might want to avoid them. So, if you were planning to prank one, you should be aware they have been clocked at 40 mph. (SECURITY ALERT, the average human sprint is 10 mph). So, unless you have a jetpack backpack, you may want to leave them alone. I would go out on a limb and say even Hussein Bolt would rather not race one of these cuties. I would even go out on a limb and say you probably don’t want to have a running contest with one either.

Furthermore, Black bears (aka big furry cuddle-muffins) can also swim well. One is believed to have swum 9 miles along the coast of Mexico. As a swimmer, I can state, that is SO FAR, even on those stunning coastlines they have down there. So, upon reflection of these beastly cuties, they may not make the best dates, but could potentially be spotted when whale watching in the gulf.